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The Highlights section of SAGE KE gathered a number of unusual resources related to the themes and topics explored on the rest of the site.

TidbitsFactlets and quips on getting old.

Today's Tidbit
"My plan is to live forever. So far, so good." --Comedian Steven Wright (posted 21 November 2001)

Genes/Interventions Database

Hosted on SAGE KE through mid-September 2006, the Genes/Interventions Database offered a searchable collection of genes and interventions that have been studied with respect to their effects on life-span or age-related neurological diseases. A new version of the database is being built at the University of Washington and should be available shortly.

Trainee Resources (Discontinued)

The Trainee Resources page, which sought to provide information for scientists at all stages of their careers who were beginning work in aging-related research, is no longer being maintained at this site.

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